About Forte

Forte Electron Corp.

Forte Electron Corp. was established in February, 2002 by former members of LG semiconductor and LG-Philips LCD. Forte mainly distributes LG displays, which includes TFT-LCDs and OLED panels.

Various applications of displays have penetrated our modern life and became essential in our daily lives. This includes portable devices (cell phones and tablets) and conventional IT products (laptops and monitors). Large size TVs with LCD and OLED displays are popular in the consumer market. Hence, the demand for commercial displays, industrial monitors and car-infotainment displays are growing rapidly.

Forte not only offers a wide range of products to consumers but also the excellent customer services. Forte consists of professional operation team, robust financial structure, multi-functional sales force and the ability to provide after sales services through global networks. The company has gained trust and support from customers world wide.

Being the sole agency of LG display in Taiwan for the last twenty years, Forte has served more than two hundred customers with loyalty and integrity. The Company's revenue has grown over the years, together with the continuous expansion of new product lines, it will definitely ensure the stable growth of business in the near future.

Team Spirit

Forte Scuba Diving Club

The Forte Scuba Diving Club was founded in 2004 by a team of members that loves diving. The club aims to unite the members and serves as a platform to relief stress from their everyday lives to help them manage stress thus achieving higher concentration at work that leads to overall work performance improvement.
Forte Scuba Diving Club members always get along well like old friends with harmonious ambience without constraints. Every summer, Forte Scuba Diving Club does not only host domestic diving activities but also explore world-class diving spots around the world. The club combines diving together with travel. This enables members to have a better understanding about the ocean ecology so the members can collectively maintain a beautiful underwater world together.
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